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Our quality policy

We are a firm operating in the seating furniture industry. We specialize in the production of wooden chair frames. We want to be a solid, reliable and trustworthy supplier for furniture chain-stores in Poland and abroad

Adopted quality objectives.

Our objective is to be a partner open to our customers' needs, ensuring in particular:

  • Reliable and punctual deliveries to the agreed place, quantity and quality of workmanship.
  • Stable quality of every product batch.
  • Quick implementation of production of new models (versions) of the manufactured products.
  • Readiness to make short production series.
  • Conformity of the manufactured products to the applicable standards and regulations.

We strive to base our relations with customers and suppliers as well as internal relations among our employees on mutual respect, trust and loyalty.

We execute the adopted quality policy by:

  • Using modern information technologies in the management process.
  • Monitoring and constant process improvement, including the Quality Management System.
  • Modernization and development of machinery.
  • Creating a good quality climate through the improvement of work conditions, development of the employees' qualifications, aspiration for general and conscious involvement of all employees in the satisfaction of customers' needs.
  • Regular customer satisfaction research.
  • Selecting qualified and proven suppliers of raw materials and materials.
  • Co-operation with business partners towards integration in the whole supply chain.

I declare my involvement in the work on the maintenance and ongoing improvement of the operating Quality Management System and allocation of the necessary resources for the execution of the adopted Quality Policy.

    Jodłownik, 15.12.2004, company owner Krzysztof Świderski


Our company specializes in producing short series of chair frames and upholstered chairs for our customers designs.

We continually develop our products quality and update our designs according to current trends.

Wealth of experience acquired during long production activity allows us to rapidly implement new products fabrication. We guarantee the highest quality of our products while maintaining low prices.



Jodłownik 11a

58-262 Ostroszowice, woj. dolnośląskie, Poland

Tel./fax: 74 833 09 20